Technical Where i can buy safety belt for fiat marea??

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Technical Where i can buy safety belt for fiat marea??


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Apr 11, 2014
Hello! I am novice here, and not very good know English, so soryy for mistakes. Tell me please where i can buy safety belt for Fiat marea Weekend, left, front. Can anybody sell it to me? with shipping to Belarus
Well, you need to know which type you want.
Old type with mechanical charge or the new type with explosive charge.

Check scrapyards as getting new one might be an issue.
I believe that i need with explosive charge, but it not necessary. at fist i need just that new part can be installed on my car. In my town there is not this parts on scrapyards, may be you know any internet site that sell second-hand parts for fiat? or somebody from users of this site can sell it to me?
I doubt airmail will ship even airbags due to the exposive nature.
Search for scrapyards in belarus? Atleast here in Finland we got somewhat centralizes search for bigger scrapyards as the inventory is on computers.

Smaller ones, like my local one, don't so I just go there myself to look for the parts.
1998 Fiat Marea Weekend 1.8 petrol. colour - black. As i know it is sells only with "plug" if I understood you. With retractable device..
front and left