Technical Where does the power steering fluid go??

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Technical Where does the power steering fluid go??


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Jan 3, 2006
Hi there
For weeks the power steering light has been coming on and for the life of me I can't find the place to put the fluid.
Its a seicento sx x reg - anyone know where to look?????
philbo said:
power steering???

Yer its a godsend, it is electronic, standard on all MPI models but an option i believe on early SPI models with later SPI having it standard
Asteris said:
Is the steering wheel quicker too?

yer it can do 100m in 9.76 seconds ;)

Seriously the steering wheel wont be quicker but there will be less turns of the wheel and it will be more responsive when turning of wheel
Maybe I expressed it wrong. I meant if the steering wheel needs less turns from one end to the other than before...
That's more like it. And what are the options for a faster rack, Punto sporting or something else mayby?
Asteris said:
That's more like it. And what are the options for a faster rack, Punto sporting or something else mayby?

Well i would have thought that there would be no such thing as a faster rack. On various other models i would think they would use the same if not a similar design with very little to choose from.

Obviously this would vary between a track car and a family car. But for fiat cars throughout the range you would expect a similar design throughout with not a lot of difference.

As always i maybe wrong so please correct, but ive never heard someone say their steering is majorly quicker than an alternative.
Alfa Romeo always used to have faster than normal racks and give this sporty feeling to everyday driving. From the fiat family (as Alfa's rack is not compatible) the Punto sporting has a 2.8 steering wheel turns from lock to lock, rest of the punto family (I think...) has 3.3 while centos have 4...
Too quick and a car gets very twitchy, used to run a 1.7 turn rack in a previous car, and that was a handful somedays. But might try and see if I can fit a punto rack in my cinq, that sounds a better ratio than 4.
Two benefits are you can wind on more steering for less wheel movement, so fixed steering (ie not moving hands, wheel held at 9 & 3) is easier, its much smoother when cornering at speed. If the car does start to slide you can wind on opposite lock faster. The only downside, is if the rack is too quick, you can have a car that is too responsive to the smallest of steering inputs.
rallycinq said:
It has serious motorsport applications, but, yes for around town its pretty useless.



Agree, but its a big help on a track day, especially on tight circuits like cadwell:slayer: or anglesey.