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Technical Wheel specs and tyre sizes

Jun 30, 2008
Good morning all.
I am looking to buy new tyres for my Panda Colour.
The car is currently wearing very old 145x80 R13's which have loads of tread but are old and cracked and like wood so won't pass an MOT even if I would want to drive on them. Which I wouldn't.
The vehicle handbook says that the car should have 135 / SR 13'S
Or optional 155 /65 / SR 13'S
What size are you all using?
The "Colour" is a 2 wheel drive car so I am not thinking about off road ability.
Also the wheel size is listed as a "4B" whereas most cars these days have "J" rims. Does that affect which tyres are suitable?
Any advice gratefully received. Thank you.


Working Seicento at last!
Jun 17, 2008
Think you've answered your own question there - 135/80/13 or 155/65/13. Probably a better choice these days and cheaper for the 155 tyres, the 135's are off the bottom of spec for most vaguely modern cars. With the extra grip and given you're going to be buying a full set anyway there's probably not much point getting anything other than the 155/65's if you're sticking with the original rims. The car will take wider (I was running 165/65/13) but you'd want wider rims too.
I did have 155/65/13's on Roofus on Mk3 Panda steels which are 5" wide and that does feel nicer, the wider rim means less movement on the sidewalls so they feel less spongy in the corners.