Styling Wheel Offset/spacers required ?

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Styling Wheel Offset/spacers required ?


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Mar 1, 2006
I have 165/60/14 fitted on 5.08 wheels on my mark 1 Punto.
I have the chance of some 185/15/14 5.5J alloy wheels from a Punto Sporting.
Being ignorant on wheel sizes,will they fit as I believe reading through these forums the offset is one of the critical issues.Will I need spacers to fit these and if so what size,or will it be a straight like for like swap.
dave said:
if the Punto Sporting is also a mk1 then they will fit straight on :)
Sorry forgot to mention the sporting wheels are from a mark 1.So the width of the wheel does not make any difference as far as the offset is concerned?
Apologies if this is a stupid question.When do you actually need to fit spacers?
Thanks for the help.
dave said:
you fit spacers on wheels with to much offset, so if a punto needed 37mm off set and wheels were 42mm off set, you would need 5mm spacers
Thanks for the help.,