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General What's my car worth


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Jan 2, 2006
Evening all

Just after a but of advice on what you reckon my car is worth in the real world and not just what the price guides say.

Here's the details -

Punto Sporting 1.2 16v 6 speed on a June 2001 Y plate.

Black with service history

3 owners including myself I've had it 7 months

28000 from new. :)

4 new tyres (Toyo Proxes) only covered approx 1500 miles

Just had service with new front pads and cambelt change

Tax to end november MOT to June

What do you think ???

Thanks in advance
changed the cambelt already? :chin:

If you sell it private then im guessing at £3k - £3.5k seeing as its been looked after and only done a few miles.

I sold my punto Go! 51 reg, with 34k, on the clock, part exchange for £2200.
Changed the belt - coming up to 5 years mights as well get it done with the service .
Looking at getting a Leon Cupra TDI

Very nice car get a Revo remapped and your looking at 190 bhp and 290 lb torque.

Have to say that the punto has been a nice car,handles and drives better than I thought I had a Clio 172 sport before so wasn't expecting too much from the Punto but it has pleased
I think you are looking around £3k mate, I recently paid £4k for a 54 reg Punto Active with 6 miles on the clock (yes 6 miles) but thats only the base model whereas yours is the Sporting.

You have got the service history to back it up and you have taken the precausion of changing the cambelt already so you should be looking at a gd price mate.

The Leon is a superb car, gd luck with everything, sad to lose a Fiat owner but you can do a lot worse than a Seat (all the equipment of an Audi without the pricetag).
Well did a part exchange with a seat garage this morning pick up my Leon Cupra next Saturday.

Have to say the Punto has been a good car even though I have only had it 7 months.

Thanks to everyone who has answered my questions during my time on here.