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Funny saying here
Jul 19, 2004
Near Bath
Anyone wanna suggest some figures I have an idea but just want others opinions :eek:

Spec is as follows:

98- R plate on 67k with Sei Column
  • Full Hormann Kit
  • 1242 conversion (25k)
  • Full Rollcage
  • Corbeau Forza's and harnesses.
  • GSR induction kit
  • 40mm TB
  • Magnecors (New 3-4k ago)
  • Denso iridium plugs (New 3-4k ago)
  • CSC Manifold and De-cat (Not fitted)
  • Lockwood dials
  • Neon in drivers footwell
  • 13" Fox's
  • Single wiper conversion
  • New Clutch 3-4k ago
  • Gearbox with 50k on it
Tax- March '06
MOT- July '06

Sure there's prob more will edit post as I remember :eek:

Will be putting a frshly cleaned and skimmed head on this weekend.

Only prob is it needs the rear brakes rebuilt but will sort this soon.

A few pics..







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Why you selling?? If you were selling in May/June then id have it off you, but HIC wont accept me til im 19!! and CIS say 1242 is a no no...

lovely car though mate, that front end is :yum:, hormann and bad boy suit so much..

will you accept an IOU? why don't i have the money!! :bang:
How much MOT and TAX it got on it? When i sell my other Red Cinq (hopefully soon) i may have the finances to take this off you...

Whats a ballpark figure youre looking at for it?


Oh forgot bout Tax and test :eek:

Umm will check tonight..

Sorry no IOU's need the cash to entice the new car to me ;)

Craig whatever you think it's worth :D
TurboCinqy said:
Yeh ok thats a deal (y)

BTW your so gona get beatans in a minute for puttin this in here..


It's not a for sale thread it's a what's it worth :eek:
Being a later model with Sei Stalks etc & with the new 1242 engine and gearbox you have fitted, plus new clutch, & if you chucked in an unused CSC manifold with the specially made spacer to fit it whcih alone is worth over £200, I would say that its got to be worth anywhere between £1250-£1450 depending how long you want to hold out for a sale for, as I know for a fact that Glass's guide valued my Cinq at £1450 in Aug when it was written off as you have to remember Glass guides are based on standard cars and this car is far from standard, so to the right buyer must be worth more than book price.