what you doing today ?

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what you doing today ?

nowt this morning, shower later, visiting a mate then this evening introducing my daughter to her father for the first time. Yup, busy day for me
Well, im going to gym later on. Actually going to go into the gym this time, then go for a swim/jacuzzi/steam room. Then im going upto xscape later on to see black sheep - hopefully (y)
i was ID'd last week the funny thing is im 24 :D

the only other time i was id'd was in a super market when i was about 20 went to do the weekly shop to help mummy out.... loaded the conveyer checkout girl starts putting it thought then stopped when she got to teh case of beer and asked me for id (which i didnt have on me) so she wouldnt put it through so some poor sap had to put the weekly shop back on the shelf as i was not in a agreeable mood that day :)
haha wasnt morrisons was it they were in the paper a while ago and refused a 72yr old bloke a sale of some wine i think it was because he was unable to provide ID lol

i work for them and ive been getting servered since i was 16