What the hell is this on pc

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What the hell is this on pc

Big Black Stilo

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Jun 3, 2004
Ooop North
"Win32 Kernel core component attempted to use a null data pointer variable."


I get this message then one of the programs im using closes!
Kernal is used to controls your OS resources, like the Processor and Memory etc.

Some programs are also helped along with the aid of hte Kernal. What happened is when you closed that program that was using Kernal, Kernal was told to go look into an empty space for something that wasn't there that might have been or was meant to be and was confused so it felt the need to tell you.

Maybe there was something on the RAM that gets cleared before Kernal gets there. Dodgy software, as long as it don't happen for all applications I would worry to much.
Put whole phrase into Google - comes up with a few hits, tends to be based on the 98 architecture - you running 98 ME, right?
ME is very very VERY buggy though, I would make the swap to XP and put the "Classic Theme" on so it looks like 98/ME
Its what we have at work, and I run at home. IME win ME is very unstable. If you don't want to fork out for XP get win 2000 professional instead. Very stable, still supported and none of the annoying 'newbie friendly' features of XP.
I run the same as hellcat, it has been running happily for 24/7 for about 4 years (aside from the odd reboot) until it needed some recent tlc due to me messing it up :eek:. I tried ME once, my PC was dead within a week :eek:
Ah but I'm installing and un-installing software all the time.. Plus comps on a domain so I can re-format it whenever I fancy it n not lose anything (y)
I found Win98SE to be excellent. WinME was retarded.

WinXPpro has been excellent while running on a capable computer and got better after Service pack II.

Only had to Fix this from a Crazy 3 times in 3 years or so.. averages out at one crazy error per year.

One involved a Format, One involved a Re-Install and the other was fixed from inside Win98SE which I have installed as a back up.

WinXP aint all bad.
I don't have any issues with XP Pro, running it at home 24/7 since I built the machine a year or two back - never needed a format, and very very rarely locks up [that is usually because I have really pushed it with the multi-tasking].

Also got the XP Pros running at work, on the domain (y)
win xp is fine. Built 15 PC's with it last year not one problem. rebuilt 57 PC's in work with it, not one problem.

I work in a council and ME has never been used in my time, and is never on the list of skills required for most IT Tech jobs.
Speaks for itself really for me.......