Styling What New Headunit?

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Styling What New Headunit?


Bring Out The Stilo
Jul 19, 2006
Ive decided to go for an aftermarket cd player but im not sure what to go for.

My budget is £200 tops, and am looking for something that looks and sounds good preferably with mp3.

Ive been looking at these on ebay (most of them are from hong kong) but I dont know what the quality will be like:

Other option is a standard din unit... and maybe some extra ICE.

(y) Help me out here lol
Looks tat tbh and will it play MP3?

The advice I always give on the Stilo's is choose a head unit with an amber display. Theres so much amber on display anything else bleeds into vision and becomes distracting.

I went for the Pioneer DEH-P6700DMP with an adjustable colour scheme in case I want to take it with me if I sell the car.
i've got a unit for sale. for £200, its brandnew in box.
its single din,
4" touch screen,
dvd player,
tv antenna (picks up bbc1+2,itc,c4,c5)

if you p,m me ur email add i could email you more details and pic's if your interested.
I recently changed mine to an MP3 playing head unit with USB connection for plug and play of MP3's & Memory Sticks and is flip front (removeable faceplate too) all for £35.24 incl. VAT from Makro :D

Supprisingly good unit for the money :slayer: Was looking to spend £70-130 on a Sony unit at Hellfrauds so have been pleasantly supprised by this Goodmans! Mrs WNWL happy too as its wallet friendly...

So £50 second hand Pioneer DEH1430R now retired to shelf in Garage after being in 4 cars over 4 1/2 years and 100K +
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I think im going to have to leave the cassette player in for now, cant make up my mind lol.
got a quote for a respray the other day and it was £400 :) soo im gunna start saving and stick with the retro look cassette lol.