what mats???

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what mats???

Nov 26, 2004
southend on sea, essex
well want mats for my sisters car, what should i get?

was looking on ebay and theres just some plain black ones tailor made for her car? but i want some red ones, but there all universal, will they still look ok?

please help, all ideas here please!! (y)
Universal mats will look ok and will fit nicely, although a silver car with red mats IMO wont go very well, unless you mean black mats with red trim
oh i dont know yet, well im sorting her interior now-

silver lockwood dials
spraying lots of bits silver
gt steering wheel
metal handbrake lever thing
black leather handbrake gaiter with red stiching

and now need mats, what do you think will match? i wanted red just to 'stand out' lol :)
Red mats are gonna look sh!t, you just sold the best mats you could get for her car :bang:
I would get just black mats, maybe with a some sort of silver on them, like a kick plate or something, or get mats like mine

dazzdog said:
What you on about? I bought a set from Fiat just before xmas :confused:
outside of fiat dealers, no where, where i can get them, your fiat dealer obviously hasnt turned into vauxhall, when i sold my set i had tonnes of people PMing me for them and people wanted to come from about a 3 hour drive away to get them and pay more than i bought them new for
bulldog5046 said:
beau only uses ebay remember

How could i forget :eek:

You want me to see if i can get you some beau? I paid £20 for mine but thats only because my mate works in the parts department :slayer:
Wats the point in asking people for ideas beau when you knew what you wanted anyway :confused:
AppleSei said:
Wats the point in asking people for ideas beau when you knew what you wanted anyway :confused:

What gets me is how can one person change there mind so much, he just sold the mats he wanted a couple of days ago :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: