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What is the point?


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Apr 10, 2005
I really dont understand ppl at all ...

Last night a very close person in my life went to Derby to see a mate.... all good had a nice time... came home... good night u think....

Got up this morning only to find some kind person has keyed his car....... all the way along....THREE times!!!!

He’s been to get a quote today... looking at £350 to get it sorted.

You try to make your car nice and in seconds it can all be ripped from you.

I really feel for him he’s gutted. I`d be on the war path if it was me

Many ppl had their cars damaged? it seem to be getting a more common thing :(
This seems to be happening quite a lot recently, and not just to those parked on the street, I know a girl in the uni halls who has had her windscreen kicked in, jumped on then 'tagg'd' whilst in a suposidly secure uni car park (we have to pay £90 PER car for this so called protection), it was written off and with the money she got she has bought the worst looking escort I have ever seen.

Will the insurance cover it, or was he third party??

And adam what the hell happened to you!! Looks like you had a really rough time with that(n)
faster4_tec said:
And adam what the hell happened to you!! Looks like you had a really rough time with that(n)

Basically I got attacked by a group of ~10 chavs and has the sh*t kicked out of me. There was a thread about it but it got deleted because of the amount of anti-chav stuff... basically people saying they would come and help me find the culprits and give them a kicking...

my nose was broken and I looked like a walking bruise for the next week or 2. nearly a year on and the police have done nothing! The system is basically sh*te IMO...
yes he is covered on insurance.. but dont think he`s gonna do it through them.. contacted them.... and will increase it by between 15 - 20% and lose 9 yrs no claims.... doesnt seem worth it for just under 400 notes


Mine was vandalized by a drunken :tosser:

I know the guy, the police did. . . nothing, even though they had a special constable eyewitness.

I got out of it ok though as it meant I could get my paintjob done at the same time :slayer:
some kids tried to nick one of the novelty lights of the front of the stilo while i had it at uni. pulled the blue grille off and were tugging at the light as i got up to car they ran off :bang: :bang:

had too much stuff to go after em, but stilosporting was only glad paintwork wasnt damaged and said he would have gone after em if he had bn here. and he still lends me the car :slayer:

the light is now disconnected as result of a 'chat' with a police officer (n)
Dont really no why he hasnt.... men.. i`ll never understand them...

well he went a local body shop ( guy kinda does it was a hobby, did a wicked job on my dads) and its only gonna cost him £180 rather than the £350 scratchmaster quoted, so womt be doing on insurance as exess is £250