What have you been upto today ?

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What have you been upto today ?


Nov 3, 2007
New Brighton (Wirral)
Well today i put my new MP3 player in (Thanks Ronnieronson) and put a new battery on as the old one didn't hold its charge and kept dieing lol,Just hope it was the battery :worship:

So what all you guys and gals been upto ?:slayer:

Bravo_Sean (y)
today i went to my last critial photography lecture, which is a bummer cos the lecture dude is totally cool.. like he doesnt like doing proper registers, so he gets us to do random things like draw a picture of two nuns, with a carrier bag... another time we all signed a cigar box, that he said hes actually going to exhibit, because not only does he lecture at my uni and a few other unis, hes a practicing artist and photographer. hes cool as fook. i tried to google him but couldnt find much, his name is Greg Lucas, i beleive he lectures in brighton too.

so after that i went to a student and graduate carrers fair.. which was pants and not relevent at all to me.. it was all about law and accounting and other stuff that im not interested in at all.. nothing to do with arts or the creative industry.

after that (about 1pm/2pm) and upto right this second.. i came to the library to write an essay! but have mostly spent my time on here.. and looking for dresses for the winter ball lol.

you can tell im use to writing essays :p
after being woken by my neighbours TV.. ive been up to uni, and sorted out a bit of a mess i've made. gone to a pointless lecture, where the lecturer prattled on and made up stories. then did a bit of work on the car trying to work out why it clunks, now i'm just processing some photos i took at a site the other day.
I got sent home sick from my hospital work placement. Kind of ironic, I'm sick and they send me away :rolleyes: Still, as I've got a horrible cold I don't think being admitted to an elderly rehab ward is the place for me!

Bit pi$$ed off as it's my first day off sick in over two years. I was willing to stay and work but they didn't want to risk me giving the lurgy to all the patients :( To make matters worse we HAVE to make up the hours if we are off sick as each placement requires a set amount of hours to be completed.

So I came home, did some paperwork and will have a nice Lemsip in a minute. Then I'll finish my two essays and have an early night. Fingers crossed I'll be ok to go in tomorrow.
Well, had intended to catch on some work, but ended up playing Call of Duty 4 on the PC all day :eek:

And also spent time on MSN to my mate in the US, about getting some advice for my new PC system build...

...then school run at 3pm, and took kids swimming :)
went to college midday for IT period, in (my ex) punto cos omega is dead.,
came back and on the way the punto evolved from having a standard exhaust to having a "sports" exhaust.

:eek: the backbox was falling off.
Worked from 8.30 till 5.

came home

got changed

went on the pc for a bit (im on at the moment)

then setting off for teeside in half an hour (y)
Finished work early to prepare for a job interview tomorrow as a 'Senior Server Analyst' for a big council in my area :eek:. Went everywhere to try and get my best suit dry cleaned NO SUCH LUCK :mad: :bang:. Guess I'll have to press it myself :rolleyes:.
Average day of work, got the last VAT return sorted for today as online deadline is today! Then sorted out a load of football secretary stuff and now killing time before going out :)
Average day of work, got the last VAT return sorted for today as online deadline is today! Then sorted out a load of football secretary stuff and now killing time before going out :)

work.. work and more......... wait for it


only 47 years left till I retire....:confused::confused:
Took kids school
Had lunch with mate
Blood tests
Picked up kids
Got dinner
Felt sick (repeated most of day)
Went to work
Did my work
Went home again

Found out about a trip to a foundry...
went to work at 8.

had a 30 min lunch at about 11.

left work at 5.

been out until now :)
Helped organise a mates party (still sorting)

Gave another mate a 3 hour driving lesson (they need to improve)

Caught up with a couple heads from work at work as same driving lesson guy had to go in for a review. (Review was not the greatest but it was scandal)

Came home, ate Dinner, Was going to go out, changed mind, am waiting to bring my dad somewhere but I don't know where he has gone :confused:

Will probably play some BF2142 when I get back then go to bed.