General What have you been offered for your B?

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General What have you been offered for your B?


Rosso Corsa of corsa!!!
May 27, 2007
Totally out of the blue the other day some chap standing by my car outside Halfraulds asked to buy my B for £5k............'cos she took 8 weeks to track down and I have not had her very long I thanked him for his kind offer but declined. Stoopidly I told the wife of the incident and she said I could have sold it, bought another one for £3k and spent the rest on decorating the hall!!

Question is - has anyone ever offered to buy your B out of the blue and how much did they offer?
Some old woman came up to me in a parking lot and offered me her newish Toyota Corolla for it. In retrospect I should have taken it, sold it and bought a newer B or Coupe :bang:
Had another old woman in a Corolla commenting the B yesterday...bizarre...
No, I'm just so good looking that women from all age groups want a piece of my Hungarian salami :D
Dropping my daughter off at her ballet class yesterday morning and one of the other Dad's asked me if I would take an offer on the b!!! (this is the third time someone has tried to buy the b from me since buying her in May).......

Actually turned out to be a really nice chap who is looking for a RED b, spent a bit of time looking over mine and seemed dead set on finding one in the next few weeks.

I have pointed him in the direction of DTR as they have a RED one in their showroom at the moment. I have also pointed him in the direction of the forum so expect so see someone new pop up in the next couple of days..........Mark, if you are reading this but have not signed up yet what's keeping you??? ;) - also hope to see you at the ACE on Thursday!! (y)
So, what you're saying is that they all have silver cars? Nice (y)