Technical What engines drop into a MK1 Punto?

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Technical What engines drop into a MK1 Punto?


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Mar 6, 2021
There does not seem to be much information online about this. What engines can drop into a mk1 1.2 16v and what is needed to make them run... e.g ecu?

Can a MK2 engine drop in? If so what is needed to make this happen.

We should use this format to keep things organised.

Car - Fiat 1.2 16v mk1
Engine swap considered - 1.2 16v punto MK2
Needed - e.g.. ecu/loom
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easily actually bolting in, basically any fire based engine you could just swap engine mounts onto and it will bolt in..

ecu wise anything mk2 punto age and onward has fly by wire throttle so to use factory ecus you need to put a electronic pedal in and depending on how new the ecus start requiring all the canbus body modules to be connected to work... which basically makes them not a sensible option....

But the way round this is either using aftermarket management to run the engine.. Or you use a mk1 ecu with a piggyback.

So for example, a tjet 1.4 turbo engine will bolt straight in, you couldnt use the tjet's original ecu but you could run it off a mk1 P75 ECU and a DET3 piggyback.

Alternatively to all that, the GT was a lampredi engine, so like the fire its theoretically possible to bolt many engines from that family in but they were super old at the time the mk1 punto was a new car and I'd not particularly bother going that route, they are all heavy engines, made good power but really a punto wants aas lighter engine up front as possible.