Technical What do i need to lower????

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Technical What do i need to lower????


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Oct 6, 2005
Hello i have a Punto Mk2 Active 5dr, i have Fox R2 195/50/15 Alloys on, im looking to lower the car but have been given different advice by two garages, - one said i would just need springs, the other said i would need a full kit including shockers?? whats the right answer and also what would you lower it by, i was thinging 35mm all round????
do you think 35mm should look ok all round?? bear in mind im on a tight budget, one garage quoted £200 fitting!! is that normal??

Cheers in advance
35mm on 15s looks great, have a look for wolfracepuntos old punto (y)

The kits id recommend would be eibach and apex for 35mm lowering.

Personally i think £200 to fit some springs is extortionate, my garage charged me £80.
I fitted mine myself all you need are spring compressors,a few other spanners and a lot of patience
i would say any drop you should change to correct dampers. Springs and dampers are paired with regards to spring rate etc.