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Nov 26, 2004
this is what we went to birmingham to buy today.

its the 1800i 16 valve westfield sportscar

in post office red on 15 inch alloys

with 1200 miles on the clock

and am in love with it


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be VERY careful if he lets ya drive it though...remember wot happened to me in mine :cry: its all to easy to lose the back end
for him unfortuanatly i have to wait till am old enough to get insured on it but hes gonna take ti to track days for me

its too seven esk. you could buy one and put an 899 cc cinq engine in it and it would still cost 2500 to insure it for me
i know....no matter what engine is in a westfield the insurance for a 19 year old would be around 2500 pounds

its because its a seven esk plain and simple
oh they do have westfields with 900cc bike engines i saw one today and they have some with 1275 (mini a class engines...i think thats what they are called) engines in them as well. i mean some people have cinqs with bigger engines in them

but these engines are producing close to 125 bhp due to the fact that they are tuned up and all that
no i just paid attention today and sapped up all the info that i could

cause i don't have that much mechanical knowledge so the more i learn the better.....

i would love to work there though

surrounded by those beauties

classic le mons copies

westfield firebirds (ones with bike engines in em)

right up to westfields with 2.5 litre 16 valve engines in em (they the flying machines)
me dad had that option but he decided against it as he does not have the time to do it

id do it instead

but he thought get one thats done and be quaranteed to have no problems
Mmmm...I can see that occupying the space in your garage...

..I can also hear the sound of that engine being given death from cold :).

I think theres too much red on it myself, but I love the wheels and overall its a gorgeous car!!...Id prefer a bit of chrome ( roll bars and bumpers) and black arches and some other detailing.

But then again, Im not buying it! :D
am sure me dad will take you out in it tom....any excuse for him to drive it is a good excuse in his opinion and he will want to show you it..the leather seats.....the wind in your hair...the feel of being less than 12 inches off the floor...the power...its amazing i tell you....am going with him to pick it up and coming back on the motorway will be exhilarating.