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Styling Well as it is like this: lol

DJ Binks

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Jul 18, 2005
Hi all,

As my boot is in a state (no numberplate scratches all over, and the boot lock works but wont open it, has snapped inside)

I was thinking of a complete smooth over:


I have seen various things about using a remote boot lock from an uno tub, are these things easy to fit etc to a standard uno?

And also I dont think that what ever I do the paint wont match, being red and everything, any ideas on this? and what else should i do while im at it? hehe :D
Also what is the best way of fillering the holes?? Bit of card behind until it sets?

edit: sorry hit quote not edit :(
alright mate, if i was you i'd source a mk1 UT boot as they have a nice little spoiler moulded into them and the boots are fibreglass too. as for filling the holes, use fibre glass from any car shop, fill the holes from behind, then a skim of filler on the front.
as for matching the paint, this shouldnt be too hard, unless ur paint is really faded everywhere. being as the boot it on the back of the car, u can get away with more of a colour difference than u think, so dont worry too much.

hope this helps


p.s. yeah, well easy to fit a boot release from a UT or any uno that has one as standard
Yup, I agree with Dunc on all this. If you're going to go the whole hog and respray the hatch, you may as well find a turbo hatch while you're at it. It's a straight fit too (mk1 turbo to mk1 non turbo), as it looks like you have a mk1? I fitted one to my mk1 without any problems.

As Dunc said, the turbo hatch has a nice and non-Chav moulded in spoiler, plus being made of plastic it won't rust! Check the hatch for stress cracks though, as they are very fragile and crack easily.

As for the remote boot release, all it is is a handle that fits next to the drivers seat, a cable that runs to the back of the car and the hatch striker mechanism that the cable connects to. If you feel down to the right of the drivers seat and in front of the beam that runs across the car (where the front of the seat bolts on), you'll find that your Uno has the mounting hole for the release cable and lever. Poke a hole in the carpet and fit the release lever in place. The cable comes out of the back of the beam, runs down the side of the interior and then under the back seat where it connects to the striker mechanism.

All you need is the lever unit, the cable and the striker mechanism and you'll have a remote boot opener! Look at a Uno with one fitted to see how it all goes together. It is very simple!

All mk1 'S' models had this fitted, plus the turbo. Not sure about mk2's, but suspect the 'S', 'SX' and turbo models all had them.

Good luck!
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Cool :).

My brother works at a boat place as a repairer, so he can repair fiberglass etc, and get me some for nothing :D:D as well as filler lol. I do like the look of the UT boot, I was going to get one before but I missed out on it and it was a bit far away. Yes it is a MK1. Will keep my eye out for one :). If I cant source one though then I will just smooth that over. Seen a standard uno today with a massive spoiler on the roof :( made me want to cry lol :D. UT ones are stuble and look "right". Also will UT wheels fit straight on?

There are alot of dings and scrapes on the car so I was thinking about a full respray at my local college (cant remember the price i was quoted though, cant be too much), would it be worth it? in black or something as I love black or dark blue :D - and it wont fade as much as red does :( - The paint was faded bad, but it came back up with a bit of polish, but i dont know.
any idea how much i am looking for on a boot + wheels?

Anything else i should get, like clear front indicators? Also the side indicators one has fell behind the wing, any idea if the wing is easy to get off? is it just bolted or bolted and welded?

edit just noticed one on that site, no idea if i can get anywhere to collect as my brother has just lost his license !!! grr
i prefer the mk2 ones but think mk1 ones will go better with the "lines of the car" :/ hmmm will have to get back to ya on that one ;)

Im going to make a sig now its doing my head in not having one hehe
maybe wheels like:




Im in love with the white ones, but i think I would deffo need a respray!!

should get the rust sorted 1st
the white ones are Compomotive MO's, and if u want them, then get yer wallet out mate! big money lol

i have them on mine in the grey colour


16" too, so i can fit coupe 4 pot brmbos on

Lovin them comps on the mk2 :cool:

I shall be having a set on my metro soon in that colour:rolleyes:

Btw that cossie in your sig pic, is it from round derby/burton on trent way as im sure ive seen it about?
he is from derby so its a good chance it might be :D

I need to put my car thru a PRE-MOT, then if it needs too much work im going to search for a MK2 Uno, as I do like them :)!

one thing I havent ever got:

Why do you have the bonnet high at the back?
They have spacers under under the hinge at the back to raise it so the hot air can escape.
yeah as metro said, its to let hot air escape easier out from under the engine bay. so not just for looks (even tho alot of people dont like it lol)

ud be supprised how much it works lol

Nice one, when I saw your piccy, i thought it wasnt aligned correctly :D.

Doesnt water get in though?
no, water doesnt tend to get in. theres still the rubber seal there, even tho its not sealing, it acts as a block, which stops the water getting in.

yeah, ive had a few peeps sayin "ur bonnets not shut"