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General Weekend Understeer


zombie nation
Jul 8, 2005
on the A684
Is it just me or is getting the weekend to understeer quite difficult? Normally I can have the tipo or bravo sliding on the limit, especially in the wet but the Marea just keeps on turning. Does all the extra weight over the back balance the weight in the front?

I daren't push the Marea any further as I'm worried its going to snap oversteer! Its already going as fast or faster than the tipo or the Bravo.

I doubt its the tyres as the Marea has Nangkang's on :eek:
whats the handbrake like on the marea weekend? think you could get the back out?:devil:
I daren't think. Its a drum brake so the answer is probably. Would need a big enough area to try it though.
What you need to do is balance the weekend up properly. Take a little of the load off Friday and put it onto Sunday.


The saloon handles really well too, it's quite a car for the cash. I had trouble initially, but that was due to having 3 different makes of tyre on. All contis now, much better :)
I know this is an old thread... but this is so true.

I drove to collect Tiramisu II in the Croma, and along the same roads the Marea felt 1000 times more composed. Where the Croma was obviously struggling to avoid heading straight to the scene of the accident, the Marea just glided through. This really is a beautiful drivers car. I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't owned one.
I'm not so certain about marea handling at the minute, ive the 1.6 saloon and i don't feel so certain about how i can push it, although i have two makes of tyre iirc 3/1 lol although i wonder what the handling is light on low profiles, the suspension is apserlutely stiff on my marea (which i love) but the tyres are bouncy castles haha, the weight distrobution is pretty good too from what i understand! need to start saving for some good tyres i think!
Winter tyres should be getting ordered soon. That will put off any playing until next spring.
Don't let that ruin yourfun! spin your marea in circles on empty private locations!
I have to say they are very hard to get to break away, i had a small race on private road but i out corned and out performed a 07 plate fiesta zetec s, no understeer at all, but i am lowered on coupe wheels with toyo's. i always use to get lift off oversteer on my gold one but that 17" oz wheels with ventus tyres
Yes, I've experienced lift-off oversteer in Tiramisu I. Big long left hander, eased out the throttle and out stepped the rear. Dab of oppo, well actually quite a lot of oppo and a planting of the throttle, and it pulled itself out.