Technical Water Level's Dropping

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Technical Water Level's Dropping


Sep 10, 2005
Hi Peeps,

My 51 Sei mpi's done 27k miles. Thought I'd check fluids and noticed the coolant level was on min. Has never used any coolant. Always sat on max.

Cant see any leaks anywhere at all. I've read a few threads but am none the wiser. Car's running perfect. 40mpg etc..

Trouble is seis have no temp gauge so I'm a bit worried. Alll I'll get is the warning light when its cooking.. I dont know if it's running hot but fan kicks in when stationary and go's off. I dont think it is.

In your experience when do H/G's start to fail? As I said cant see any leaks.. Maybe waterpump but nowt giving game away. No mayo in coolant or oil.

Whay didn't the retards who designed car not put a temp gauge on? Misers! Anyway any ideas. Cap seems ok. clips tight..

Losing coolant isnt a massive problem as long as u keep checking it and its not massive amounts. It could be a slightly loose hose thats literally dribbling out on high pressure. As rally said check and check all coolant connections!

Trouble is its just started using aqua!

Not really got a lot of confidence to go a long way in case in gets worse on m-way.

I suppose all I can do is try to locate the leak. But I'm hoping it's an external weep as opposed to a H/G prob. I can do my own repairs but the weather's nasty and daylight's scarce. Everything looks bone dry.

Once I find out I'll post what prob actually is..:confused:
If its using a small quantity, its unlikely to be the head gasket. It could be the pump, which is difficult to see, or it could be a pinhole in a pipe. Get a hold of a pressure tester and see what that reveals.


i survived the leaking coolant experience for a year...topping up before the beginning of each journey and NEVER open the cap when its hot or the hole thing will drain away and you'll need to wait for it to cool down before u can fill the bugger again... a week became a month, a month became two... its amazing how time flies when u dont get the chance to book it into a garage!
I have had this problem with 3 of my cinq's. the used to rad leak but only when you have stopped and its cooling down. I came out on a dry morning and there would be a small wet patch under the rad but it didnt do it every day just when it felt like it. Might not be this-depends how quick its going? I used to go from max to min over about 2 weeks.

same here Rich
a puddle in the morning whenever he felt like taking a pi55!

2 weeks 2 days as and when... thats why i love my cinq
since I bought sei I've heard a whining noise on o/s of engine when revved.

i thought it may be tensioner. but maybe the pump? do they whine before they leak? thought pump rumble.. i hear the whine at higher constant revs. say on a m-way.

i'm pretty sure its not H/G. runs perfect. trouble is cant see pump. looks like i'll be taking cover off and having a right royal snoop!

do you lot agree with my assuptions?!
Yeah the squeel will be the pump. they do that and leak from a hole at the bottom so you know they are worn out before it dies taking the cambelt with it! Id say get that changed allong with the tensioner and belt.

fabstervroom said:
its amazing how time flies when u dont get the chance to book it into a garage!

My cars been running with no cooling fan for weeks :eek: after it fell out :( luckily never hit traffic with it not being present never got it above 80 :cool:

went back on today as i realised i cant risk ace cafe down in london with no cooling fan as i'll almost def hit traffic :eek: :p
i live in london so mine was a constant engine off engine on when stuck in traffic LOL!

Thats since been fixed but been driving around for 2 weeks without speedo working, that being done this weekend if i get the chance..and the weather isnt wet..