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Oct 23, 2014
Humph submitted a new listing:

Wanted. Punto 1.2 - Wanted. Punto 1.2

I am looking for a 2014/15 five door 1.2 8v Punto, 45000 miles max, one owner, full service history, no dings or dents, all original paint, not black.This car must be your pride
and joy as I am looking for a minter not like what I have already seen. Not silly money please.

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I've got a 2002 1.2 188 engine great body for age.47000 miles been in family since new.

I only purchased as back up whilst repairing my hyundai timing chain smash up.

Message me if interested
The late 2012 model puntos got 'cheap'

Lots bought as cheap runarounds and 1st licence cars

Probably explains the struggle to find a tidy one at 8 years..

My 2012 has covered 70k...

Was valued at @£4k in 2015

Probably about the same now... so a Forecourt could well be hoping for 6k

Half of its NEW PRICE :)
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