Paul Wilder

500 (Wanted) Fiat 500 rear axel

Mine was from IMAxles Davren linked above.

DIY in the drive, not hard but not a little task, expect brake lines to be seized. On a ramp, in a garage with all the tools, very easy.

My only word of warning is where the axle bolts to the car, you can move it about quite a lot - i took mine to a motorsport alignment place to centre the axle, i wouldnt trust a kwik-fit to do it myself but each to their own, i am fussy. But here in lies my only complaint about the axle, it was pushed all the way to one side but not quite cantered, very close and you would never tell without measuring stuff but it was not perfect. One could wallow out the bolt holes and get a little more adjustment but it was close enough for a road car, i wasnt about to drop the whole axle off again, i was doing it in the snow lol
Got ours there too, new wheel cylinders and brake pipes, before removing the front bolts grind off the bit of bolt sticking out? Weekend job in nice weather

Un hook the abs sensor where it connects with the car loom