General Wanted Ducato gearbox from a 1990

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General Wanted Ducato gearbox from a 1990


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Aug 9, 2007
I got well ripped off on egay ! A guy sold me a diesel engine and box complete then 3 weekes later he tried to deliver it without any warning at 23.30 on a Sunady :eek: anyways he decided to just dump the engine minus the gearbox out the pavement outside my house spilling oil everywhere a neighbour went over and spoke to him and my neighbour said that there was no gearbox ever delivered !! I emailed the guy and he replied with it must of being stolen :mad: But then offered me a £100 refund and then said I do have another gearbox you can buy for £100 but you will have to collect it from Plymouth a 8hour drive from where I live I told him to shuv it but now Im stuck !!!! Can anyone help ????
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