Technical Wahey!! Got the beep beeps this morning

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Technical Wahey!! Got the beep beeps this morning

Big Black Stilo

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Jun 3, 2004
Ooop North
Not heard them for a few weeks but I knew the airbag system wouldnt let me down!

Driving to work this morning, it came on, only problem was, I was on the Mway and it was going on and off all the time so constant beeping and stop engine messages.

Thank god for Kenwood 200w system!

Got to work, ripped off the passenger seat front panel and pushed the clip together and it went off. Nothing came on while driving home!

Did find a rogue coke bottle underneath the seat (diet so not mine) and that looks like it could have knocked the connections, hence the new advice of keep the front and rear footwells sh!te free
Not u as well oh crap took my stilo in yesterdat to body shop there for 2 weeks on the way there u guest it beep beep beep engine management light cant get that sorted till i get it back from bodyshop I LOVE MY FIAT:D
bozzy said:
Sounds strange but if I don't get the occasional beep I think somethings really wrong with the car.

Well bozzy mate ide rather have the thoughts and no beeps thanks very much gives me the beeps thinking about it [or should that be creeps]:eek:
Yeah ..... Its the worst noise in the world, a new battery sorted most (not all) of my Morning beeps out, it going in for a service on Sat, hopefully I will be beep free for a while.

Even the 3c Ice warning makes me panic for a second - lol