VVT FIRE..oil choices ?

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VVT FIRE..oil choices ?

Apr 27, 2011
Near the M4
Hi :)

Ive had my 500 for a year now.. no dramas but it does not run beautifully

Its my 1st VVT.. so will ask a few questions :

Oil filter.. a dozen options like my 1108's..or all the same filter spec on these panda and 500 1242's?

I read about cleaning the VVT solenoid.. so will try that

OIL.. not bothered much with my dozen or so FIRE motors.. ( but owning 2 x twinairs.. I am now a tad fussier.. )

I may well go for a Castrol..or similar 'big name'.. ( often on 'Sale' ..) any opinions on things to avoid..?

Magnatec failed a few independent tests when 'new' and packaging soon said 'new formula'... so Ive shy'ed away from that

But this car has an easy life ( but already seems to 'burn a bit')..

Its a 2018 on @50k.. had basics covered in its 1st 3 years..and done 6 k with me.. dash just started counting down to my 2nd oil change.. Ive got a few weeks :)
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I use miller oils wehn I can find it, but have resorted to ordering it in for the vehicles I like and intend to keep…their site has all the OEM compatibility, just put in your car, engine and year…im not affiliated in any way with them, just like their oil and service
1.2 VVT Fire is not going to need any fancy oil unless it says so in the manual. Any universal fully synthetic 5w-40 is sufficient. If it's losing oil, then it's probably due to the very common leak from the valve cover gasket. Experiment a little, you'll find the right oil which stays inside the engine. It doesn't need to be premium oil. And certainly a lot cheaper oil filters are OK, like Valeo. I've used Champion New energy 5w-40, which is the same as Wolf oil. I don't know if they're available in the UK but that has Fiat certifications.

Doing short trips only will leave the engine dirty and oil consumption may increase.
When I say 'burning oil'

I mean it is passing through the bores and down the exhaust

No obvious leaks.. and I have had to top up in 6k miles @10,000 km this year

I am not anticipating major issues

Hoping sump pan is ok at 5 years in service :)
For my Panda which has the 1242 VVT FIRE, from when the car was new I've only ever used Castrol Magnatec 5w40 along with a Genuine Fiat filter which are pretty inexpensive sometimes less than aftermarket parts, altogether is usually about £35-£40 so quite cheap for really decent oil & proper filters

Castrol wasnt available cheaply in this grade

Tesco were selling at a good discount.. but on closer inspection

The DPF tag meant it was indeed Diesel oil :(

And the other value stuff was 5w30

In the end I found Asda selling 4litres of 5w40 c3 for £22... that will do :)
😅I probably should have mentioned I usually buy the oil from a company called Opie Oils through Ebay, most if the time it's with a discount code & the filter usually comes from someone on Ebay, I think in recent months the price if the oil has increased slighty as my last order for Castrol was just over £27 for 4 litres