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General Vibrating noise


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Sep 6, 2007
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this site but very relieved to have found it! I noticed yesterday that my '07 1.2 GP was making a strange vibrating sound on the front right hand side (it sounds like it may be around the wheel area). At first it only seemed to do it above 35 mph, however today it has done it at all speeds. I don't know how to best describe the sound other than that it sounds like something vibrating really loudly. It doesn't seem to do it until a few minutes into a journey.
I've read a lot about steering rack problems on here and was wondering whether this sounds viable for my problem? I have no problem with my steering, although when I had the car in March I did feel that the steering was grating at very slow speeds when turning corners.

I have phoned my FIAT dealer and they've asked me to take it in tomorrow for them to test drive. They seemed concerned that it may not be safe to drive! Has anyone had a problem like this? I'm worried about whether it is safe to drive to work tomorrow??

Thanks so much everyone for any advice you can give me.
dw the dealer should take cere of it, and dw nothink will go wrong my mums car is a pece of **** that rattles and makes all sorta wered noises, plus as a fiat owner you get AA cover so all is good!

Hi Mine does the same sometimes, its the 2 peices of plastic and the bulb of the dash that contains the Dials..give them a slap and it stops (y)