Technical Valve clearance check

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Technical Valve clearance check


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Dec 8, 2005
I came over a service interval chart for Tipo’s and read that checking/adjusting valve clearance should be carried out by every 13,500 miles (or 21 000 km in my case). Is this one of those “ok to check but never experienced having to adjust/do anything about it things”? I am just curious from you guys who have self serviced your cars and have reached a high mileage – ever had to adjust?

Just seem strange to remove camshaft cover and measure both inlet and exhaust valves to see if the clearance is within tolerance values, and then putting it back together with new gasket at every 18,500 miles?

I am accurate with service and taking care of my car in best way - it's just that I resently got a Tipo and would want to hear your thoughts about this matter for the future. Thanks.
valve clearance on these engines is bucket and shim. this means any clearance issues, you need to change the shim to adjust the clearance up or down. in all my time on these engines, ive only done the shims when the engine starts to sound a bit tappety. but racing the engine from cold will accelerate shim wear and cam bearing wear. so dont worry about it. enjoy the car! :) (y)
Hellcat said:
Does that apply to all the Tipo's from 1.4 carb to 2.0 16v ie?
yep! engines designed by aurellio lampredi [ex ferrari engine designer]. used bucket and shims on 128 type sohc and all dohc engines. 16 v head not his design but followed his ideas and used bucket and shim also.:) (y)