Technical Urgent help with exhaust appreciated!!

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Technical Urgent help with exhaust appreciated!!


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Aug 5, 2007
Hi Guys

My Cinq has the Punto engine conversion. Both of my flexi pipes are knackered. I have one right at the front, just after the two pipes go into one, and one a bit further down.

Am I looking for a Cinq exhaust or a Punto exhaust?

Is it the cat that sits between these pipes? because it kinda looks like it's just another bit of pipe, not shaped like a cat! It also does not have a middle silencer... What is it??!!! What do I need to be asking for at the garage?!!!

Dumb I know but any help will be appreciated
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From what I can make out your looking for the downpipe from the manifold I had to buy one for mine when I did my engine conversation I found one on eBay but can't seem to find them now I'll attach a picture of said downpipe below

And no it definitely does not have a cat

And just one more....

I should have asked....

Is it a Mk1 Punto downpipe into a Cinq middle and end section? And are there any mods needs or does it fit right in?

Thank you for your help :D
I couldn't tell you mate because my seicento having a mani cat the pipe up to the exhaust manifold is different so I had to make something