General upgraged altanator + battery

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General upgraged altanator + battery

also when you post if you could provide some info!
eg in this case what you need the extra power for and whether you mean a split charging set up or just an uprated set up
Well.. i jus had a new alternator n the damage was £102 for the part n an hours labour at £35 so u lukin bout 150 squid!

lauren xxxxx
Hmm...........I would try the standard alt and battery first. You could do 'the big 3' which would help. Alaina, IIRC is using the standard alt and battery, but I could be wrong. :)
there is already a thread on this if you search. they standard alternator is a 65amp one, but the alternator for cars fitted with Air-con is a 75amp output and same fittings therefore a useful upgrade, as for batties, Delphi has sold its battery section to Bosche whish is a shame as its batteries were the best on the market thsi side of an Optima or an Excide MAXXIMA