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Updating problem


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Mar 13, 2007
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First off, I might have already asked this question, I can't remember :eek:

Ive got an ex-network laptop that hasn't been updated in a (long) while. Currently running XP (no service packs.) Taking the computer back to the network admins isnt really an option for a few reasons, chief amongst which is they take weeks and weeks to turn on a computer... :rolleyes:

Is there any way that I can bypass the sysadmin requirement to update it? I am hanging out for a new job next year, and hopefully a work computer, so I don't want to buy a new laptop.

Reinstalling could be an option, I have never done it before and I'm unsure of the process.

So, over to you experts :)
Is it your laptop or a work one?

Probably best off to reinstall. Check the manufacturers website for the drivers first and get them on a usb drive/cd for use later. Then acquire a Windows XP disc which matches the version required (e.g. Professional OEM) and reinstall, using the key on the COA sticker on the machine. Then install the drivers you saved earlier, connect to the internet and update straight away.

Alternatively just connect to the internet and head straight to http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com

Must be about 10 years old though if it doesn't even have SP1. TBH it might not be worth the bother as it isn't going to have the power/ram to run much including just about any modern AV.
Well, I think you have helped me make up my mind. I looked at the bottom of the laptop for the OEM sticker underneath, and it has been worn away over the years....so I will hangout for next year and a new laptop to go with the new job.

For the record, it is my laptop, but it used to be my dads work laptop. He never took it to the techs while he owned it either, as they were such slackarses tbh.
It could still be useful, but the easiest way to bypass everything would be to re-install Windows as Colin says. Either that or wait until you get your new one and install Linux on it and learn how to use a real OS ;)