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Jul 18, 2004
Colchester Essex
Hi folks,

Been away from the Forum for quite some time....Hope you all ok?

I've still got my Techno Grey Abarth done about 14k now and all is well, except I drove into a plant pot the other day and cracked the front spoiler - yes it was a big plant pot! Also needs new brake pads both probs being sorted this Thursday - Sorry boring I know!

Something a bit more exciting. I went to Autosport International on Sunday 15th Jan - saw lots of Italian exotica including new Alfa Brera - brochure on the way Ferrari Enzo - brochure not on the way and Ferrari F1 2005 - POA! oh and some female exotica...Check out the pics at the Members Gallery. To anyone that's not been to this show it's great, plenty to see and do even if your not into MotorSport particularly.

Take Care for now....
Hello mate, nice to see you're still around, hope you are all well ;)

Sounds like a good day out, I noticed the pictures in your gallery and for some reason the one with the two girls on has had a lot more interest than the car pictures :rolleyes: I thought this was a car enthusiasts forum :D