Technical Update on tracking/door etc.

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Technical Update on tracking/door etc.


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Aug 8, 2005
(1.9JTD Dynamic)----In my last post I mentioned front tyre wear and tracking. Tyres replaced at 14k with extreme inside edge wear, (supposedly re-tracked by Fiat m/a after I complained of initial wear). I went to my County Ambulance maintenance unit, (who are usually correctly trained and euipped), as they do private servicing etc. They were extremely helpful and let me watch what they did on the laser rig as they adjusted the tracking, (which was a long way out). So far O.K.......£38 well spent.

My drivers side passenger door not unlocking via remote alarm fob was fixed under warranty. New electro magnetic lock and associated parts fitted.

The sun visor on the latest update is still of the non-swivelling variety.

To anyone considering a power upgrade just go to Motorsports Developments, Alfanige (Angel Tuning) or any REPUTABLE people for a will not be dissapointed!
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Intresting there about the tyre wear, perhaps something everyone else should have checked by someone other than Fiat. Glad to hear you got your problems sorted :)
having same problem and the laser tracking was done but are concerned about adverse camber - dobleo is 3degrees but appears to be more. it is due 3 yyear service at 34k miles so will get dealer to check. i have just fitted 3rd set of fronts.
Hello there neillyb and welcome to the forum :)

Quite a few of us have had problems with our tyres as you've seen since you've posted the same message in 3 different threads. The biggest thing to consider is that the fronts should have at least a weight rating of 88 (and then the speed rating for example T) and should be Reinforced. If they are not reinforced they will wear unevenly or just not last very long as the sidewalls will squab on cornering thus putting enormous strain on the tread. I found this to my expense after going through my first set of tyres in about 3000miles. I've now done 3000 on my Pirelli's and they look the same as they did when new :)