Technical Uno turbo thermostat housing

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Technical Uno turbo thermostat housing


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Aug 25, 2005
The thermostat housing on my 1.3 1989 turbo has crumbled away and is leaking. I've been to shop4parts and they only list a housing for a 1.4 turbo.
So my question is are they the same for mk1 and mk2? Or does any one know some where else you can buy one from. Don't fancy my chances with my nearest Fiat dealer, they were the best part of useless when trying to get a clutch cable saying my chassis number was not recongised so they wouldn't order any bits.
Thanks, Tim.
Hi Tim,

I’m not sure if they are the same part. Have you asked shop4parts by using Contact Us link? They have been good with my FIRE engine queries, and have sold me callipers not listed on their pages. I’m yet to buy any 1.3 turbo parts from them.

:) Let us know weather they sell the right thermostat. If not I’ll put you onto another Fiat dealership who also still know how to use microfilm and Royal Mail ;).
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yes, you can use the uno turbo 1.4 thermostat. It will fit straight on. you cant use a punto GT 1.4 thermo though.
Cheers for the response fellas and espicially ELTSBABY. i tried shop4parts but the housing is no longer availiable. ELTSBABY recommended Desira Fiat (01379650131), very heplful, found part number on microfisch and recommended i give my nearest dealer a ring who were useful for once.. Worked a treat, got one coming thurs.
The part number, if anyones interested is 7671373.
Thanks again, Tim.