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Jun 8, 2007
Can anyone help me with the details of the homologation of any of the Fiat Uno models - normally aspirated or turbo - into Group N or Group A rallying or racing please.

I have an Uno which I race in UK club motor sport. I am just investigating alternative series for the future; one which I may be interested in prefers cars to have been homolgated into Group N or Group A but will accept cars that are in the spirit of those regs. My car is definately not Group N or Group A (it will have a 1600 n/a engine from a Tipo shortly, for a start!) but it should be "in the spirit of" the regs!

All help gratefully received.
I believe only Uno turbo's were Homologated, and for Group A.

Since I posted my question I have found a list of what appears to be all homologated cars - I typed "FIA Fiat Uno homologation" in to google and eventually got a 53 page list up titled "FC - 23 02 2007".

It appears that the Uno was homologated into Group A as the 70S (1302 cc), 45S (903 cc), 55S (1116cc), Turbo (1301 cc), and into Group N as the 70S, 45S, 55S and Turbo (1372cc)

Interestingly the Mk1 Turbo had an equivalence of 1.4 meaning, I assume, that it ran as an 1800cc car in the up to 2 litre class whereas the Mk2 had an equivelance factor of 1.7 applied making it a 2.3 litre car!

I was hoping to find that the car had been homolgated as a 1500 but it appears not, so far.

Still don't know any further details of what mods were allowed to make them respectively Group N or A, though.