Technical UNO Diesel clutch padel

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Technical UNO Diesel clutch padel


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Jan 27, 2006
Does anyone know how to make the clutch padel less tighter on uno diesel without messing up the clutch settings... if you know what i mean .. i want a more light and free clutch padel

I get so tired while driving in traffic my feet hurt :bang:
The clutch should not be that heavy. The diaphram is probably old and has lost its rigidity. Fit a new one.
thanks dude .. are you sure about this... aint there any settings somewhere near the padel :eek: cuz as far as i rem this always has been like this since car came out of the showroom 5 years :( always wanted to get it loose

diaphragm also known as clutch plate? :confused:
Diaphram is part of the clutch pressure plate. There is no adjustment for the "stiffness" only for the height of the pedal and length of the cable.

It could also be the cable but unlikley
Uno does have an hydraulic Clutch that uses Dot 4 fluid. Not easy to find and attracts water easily. Try replacing the fluid before doing anything and bleed the system. Clutch shouldnt be heavy.


My 'F' plate uno diesel (60ds) had a cable operated clutch. if the cable has started to break it might be offering resistance inside the outer casing. Disconnect the cable at both ends and see if it moves freely at the same time with the cable off the pedal assembly check the movement by hand of the pedal itself.

If it's a cable operated clutch (all mk1's, not sure about mk2), check that the cable isn't rubbing where it passes out and below the firewall/ bulkhead. Mine had rubbed the plastic covering away allowing water to get in and make it rust leading to a very heavy clutch pedal. I removed the cable and squirted WD40 into it from both ends and worked it back and forth until it was free again.

Another thing that could be causing problems is the release arm that goes into the bellhousing. Mine had partially seized, only discovered when I changed the gearbox for another.

Other than that, there is not much else you can do for a heavy clutch other than changing the clutch itself.
Well my Uno DS does have an hydraulic clutch. Bquest if ur in Pakistan then ur uno definitely has a hydraulic clutch like mine. Do this simple task. Open the hood n look for clutch fluid reservoir. It is located on the driver side in pakistani version uno's while brake fluid reservoir is behind the battery on the firewall.

Good Luck.