Technical Uno 1.7 Diesel Valve settings?

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Technical Uno 1.7 Diesel Valve settings?


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Jan 27, 2006
Any has a figures for valve adjustment of 1.7 Diesel Uno?

Louie Bee may can have a look at porter's manual? :eek:

dude at the garage told me i need to get the valves re adjusted but they dont have the correct firgures to do that.. :cry:

041.jpg 042.jpg

083.jpg 084.jpg



ISBN 1-899238-23-9.
FIAT Part number 46000980.
Porter part number 3823.

Thanks Lindsay! (y).
Louie Bee .. You da man! :worship:

thanks a million..!

One more question :eek: which one is the valve clearance figure in chapter 3 ?

Is it..

A) Piston projection above block at top dead centre?
B) I dont know .. please help :confused: :eek: Maybe piston clearance in bore?
daayeemm ... thanks dude .. LOL .. i kinda scrolled down to check the table .. missed the top end
ummm question...

Uno Diesel has Hydraulic valves .. is it even possible to fix their clearance? :eek:

if it is... then ppleaassee someone guide me through this :bang:
aiigghhtt ... gues wat i went to a garage real far away from where i live ... and dude over there sounded like he knows what i wanted him to do with my valve settings... i showed him these print outs .. (thank louie) but ofcourse here comes the twist in the story .. the guy was not that well educated .. so i had to translate most of the stuff .. i was told that he is the master of all this stuff .. so he new how to do it .. but the discussion was about his feeler gauge... his gauge was pretty much worn out and i couldnt see wat scale of values was on that .. all i could read was numbers starting from 8 then 10, 11, 12 going all the way to 20 i gues ..

now the figures i had said that inlet supposed to be 0.3mm and exhaust 0.4mm ... after wat i could rem of my stupid lil 10th grade experiment, where i used a micrometer and a vernier calliper .. i came to conclusion that strip labelled 12 was equal to 0.3 mm and the one saying 14 was 0.4 mm .. :confused: please someone tell me i was right .. cuz the adjustment is now done according to this .. lol .. and car is running alot more smooth .. there were 4 valves which needed re adjustment .. he grinded the shims ...

he also suggested that if there is still some engine missing .. then get the diesel pump serviced... as in there are some parts inside the pump .. which need to be replaced.. he said its called a diesel pump kit which needs to be serviced .. i have no idea :confused:

any suggestion ggguuyzzz .. so far its been great help from all of you thanks a million.:slayer:
I dunno how much miles there are on the car, but sometimes there's a great inprovement when you rotate the dieselpump futher before the point it should be on.
Let's say the normale setting is 12 degrees before top dead center, make it like 13 degrees before top dead centre.
I dunno if 12 degrees is the setting for the uno diesel, that's just an example.

On worn out diesels a earlyer diesel injection will result in some power gain, becouse it compensates for the loss of compression in the cilinders.
If you feel and think the power output is normal, and you get a good gallon to the mile ratio don't mess abouth with it tho.

For example my old campervan (a fiat ducato 2.5 liter diesel based van) has done 215000 Km now.
The maximum out put (when new) is 75 Bhp with an total weight of the car being nearly 3000 Kg that is not that much to say the least.
Max speed is around 95 to 100 Km/h.
I am gonna set the dieselpump to a earlyer injection, by rotaing it futher away from the top dead center.
That would give me some better fuel consumption ratio, and will give it a little boost wich I can use very much with weights like these, and just that few bhp in the engine.
thanks dutchie.. soo far the car is very much smoother as compared to the viberationing and missin engine before i got the valves clearance adjusted..

although there is a significant improvement .. there is still some of the problem remaining.. i would say almost 85% of the problem is gone...

I had some time at home and i used it to convert the inches scale they were using on the feeler gauge to the mm value, which was shown in porter manual. :idea:

here's what i found .. my new setting is.. Inlet 0.012 inches (0.3048 mm) and Exhaust 0.014 inches (0.3555 mm).. but Porter manual said, for Inlet 0.3 mm and for Exhaust 0.4 mm..

question is of exhaust clearance.. 0.014inches/0.3555mm is a bit less than 0.40mm because 0.015inches = 0.3809 mm :confused:

please tell me if i should keep it to 0.014inch or get it changed to 0.015.. which would be even more wider then and as far as i think will get rid of heating problem i was facing in summers.. :idea:

secondly the dude at garage told me to add a little bit of engine oil with diesel in my tank .. like when i get a full tank i should add about a litre of oil with it.. this will clean the diesel pump.. he recommended this to be done once or twice.. i did that before coming to work .. think there is somewhat of more smoothness :)