Technical Uno 1.7 Diesel belts service

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Technical Uno 1.7 Diesel belts service


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Jan 27, 2006
can anyone tell me after how long of milage we have to change each belt on this uno? :confused: like fan and timing belts etc?
Timing belt should be around 72k first service or 5/6 years. Then 35/40k each change after.
thanks dude :) this was quite quick.. but wat would u suggest for other belts.. cuz i travel long distances and i've had really inconvenient travel disasters just because of middle of the road broken fan belt incident :)
The service intervals should be marked in your book. You can't really predict a failure in a belt. Just carry spare and make sure you have AA cover (y)
Aiigghhttt ... then trunk shall make space for more spare :D cuz where i am .. we get temp touching 48 to 50 C in real summer days on the road .. daaayyyeemm .. thats hot as hell .. :slayer: