General Ulysse 2005 Headlight relay location

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General Ulysse 2005 Headlight relay location


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Jan 31, 2020

I hope there are people still around to help answer questions on these Ulysse models lol!

I have an issue with dipped headlights coming on and staying on by themselves, and main beam headlights randomly flashing even with ignition off and key removed. I have been working around this problem by disconnecting the battery when journey ends and I have removed the main beam fuses. I have just replaced the comms 2000 unit and the problem is still there. I'm struggling to find the location of the headlight relay with the thought of replacing that as a possible cause. Can anyone help? The fuse boxes inside the car on this model 2.0 petrol 2005 are by the battery (drivers footwell RHD) and beneath dashboard by drivers door. (Not behind the glovebox as the manual says)