General Ultimate (V reg.) Panda for sale?

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General Ultimate (V reg.) Panda for sale?

I have got to have that its just what I am looking for as my mum keeps saying that shes not going to drive my E reg panda 4x4 and wants a newer car so idea of the year she can have that. (y)
pahhh you beat me to it, i thought i was seeing things, electric windows?!?!?!?!! does it have an airbag?:)
Yes, it should have a drivers airbag and ABS! Fiat made Pandas in Italy right up to 2004 when the new Panda was introduced.
Questions. On a car in this good a condition, why the cheepo wheel trims? What happened to the originals?
Alex B said:
they never had them (as its a 4x4) the owner may think it will sell with trims????

looks better without, unless the original 4 x 4 wheels are no longer fitted :-(

i love that boot too, very similar to the country club special edition.
Alan (The ever lovin one, not the Sisley one) has said that it's either a 6 year old 4x4 or shipping that heap to New York....

Mmmmm.... Decisions, Decisions:confused:

I so want it!
If it sells, we can figure out if it's worth bringing any newer ones back from Italy!

How much do yout hink it'll go for?

If I get it - I shall Sell Mr Bump! He's just had a brand new carb and distributor fitted!
Steve said:
That's an easy decision Jim. Get the 4X4. (That way you can sell me Juppy). :)

I've bid it up to 860 quid and then got scared:eek:

Still not winning:(

Could use the engineless 1995 car to convet it to RHD.... Interesting!

So, it's destroy my dreams of travelling the world and sell you my cherished panda?

Sorry, I don't see the positive side of that. Do you want to explain it again?

Steve said:
Um... Maybe not. :)


There is a feasable idea;) Alan suggested this!

You buy juppy for 500 quid (yeah, I'm a robbing bastard) I buy that LHD panda, Save money by not fixing syliva (or my crack habbit as Alan calls it.. Well, he thinks a crack habbit would be better value for money, or standing in the back garden burning £50 pound notes) and go to america in the 4x4....

Probably would work out costing the same in the long run but theres less chance of dieing in the 4x4......

Just thinking outloud thou:D

I'll go along with that no problem at all. :)

Actually, that LHD Panda would do America no problem. Although I'm not sure how Stuart would feel, he's put a lot into getting Sylvia sorted.
I think Alan is still worried that we may not make it back alive... Hence last weeks suggestion that we do it in a 2nd hand NovoPanda. And if the buzzards don't get us then MasterCard might:eek:

Only thinking outloud... But I'd really love a panda that I could use everyday thou but unless I talk someone into selling the Benz:(