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General u wont believe this

Aug 20, 2007
O.k O.k listen to this. I bought my punto 1.2 2000 reg 3 weeks ago and the guy i got it from had added some alloys from another type of fiat (16s) have been drivin it for about a week and today i was doing about 40 in a small road when i heard a loud scraping noise coming from my wheel when suddenly my car tips to the left!!!!!! i slamed on the brakes and i can see my f**king front passenger side alloy rolling away down the road n im sitting there thinking (WTF just happened)

I got out my car and i thought the worst (car is ****ed) i get out and i can see a large scrape all the way down the road leading up to my punto and notice that when the wheel fell off the disc has taken the punishment and as i braked it had scraped allthe way down the road. 1st thing i did was run down the road to fetch my wheel which looked o.k then had a look under my car and it seemed all fine cept the disc was worn down as i had braked on it lol. Does any1 know what the **** happend? what should i check on the car and wheel nut wise? i couldnt find 1 bloody bolt so i couldnt check them (searched for 15 mins) they probs ended up in sum 1s front garden (i dont rele know which size i should have with alloys)

To my amazement i put the spare on after taking 1 bolt from each other wheel and i drove the car away without a scratch and no1 was hurt (except the brake disc) the nuts were definately srcewed on tight so rule that out. i had noticed this scraping noise in the front 2 wheels for a while but it was quite quiet so i left it but when the whhel came off it git 10 times louder b4. can any1 help? thanks. P.S it was a very strange experience to say the least and thank god for the guy who came out of his house and helped my jack it up.
Yea i thought that 2 but they were definately on the car as i saw them as i got in (i always kind of check) just want to know if using the standard wheel nuts is o.k with bigger alloys or do i need to buy some special 1s? if so what kind of size/length. Thanks.
same thing happened to me last week mate.
back passenger side wheel came off while on dual carriageway and scared me sh**less.
found out later on all my bolts were loose as some ***** tryed to steal my alloys but guess they stopped halfway because of something scaring them away.
truesay i should have expected as the night before i was round my mates who lives in a not to safe area to say the least.
now cant fit the wheel properly as one thread in the hub is f^^ked and the other one has a broken off bolt init:bang: therefore that wheel only having 2 bolts init and i cant drive it as unsafe (only for super emergency but super slow 25mph max!)
by the way bolts should be 12mm x 1.2mm and length either 24mm or 32mm if that helps!
did he try to use the standard steel wheel bolts instead of extended bolts? The steel wheel bolts arn't long enough for alloys and only hold in by a couple of threads, the threads can quite easily shear and leave you wheelless.
Yes.. generally the wheel bolts for alloys are slightly longer than regular wheels.

I'd agree with the theories here. I reckon someone tried to nick your wheel and stopped when they realised they couldn't get the wheel off the car without jacking it up.

I'd tell the law... even though there's not much they can do about it.

Ralf S.