Trip to Kent... then back again

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Trip to Kent... then back again

Mar 29, 2005
NW London
Was invited out by me mate to go clubbin with him and a few others in Kent, was heading to a club called 'Bar Bars'

Took a friend with me, a lovely lass but she had no ID? all we needed was a student ID card which she produced then they ask a load of questions then for proof of her age (n)

I made sure to tell the bouncers "C'mon mate... drove all the way from London just to be with you lovely people"

"I appreciate that mate but without proper ID theres nothing I can do"... well up yours you wnanker! (I said in my head)

We drove back.

Scariest part pf the journey was when I saw a sign that read "Tiredness Kills, Take a Break" how did the sign know I was tired??? FCUK I must be dreaming and if I'm dreaming I'm asleep NOOOOO! The sign promptly confused me when i realised I was already awake, my friend knocked out as soon as I said "you can sleep if you want" she replied "nah I wont sleeSNOOOORRRR" and she was out like a light.

200 miles round trip and a fair bit of petrol (n)

I also have some Tipo related Technical questions as a result of this trip but I'll put in the Tipo Section when I'm less tired.
when i went the bham for the xmas meet, i went to one bar and got asked for id, havent been asked in ages, so after fumbling through every compartment in my wallet i eventually found it and whilst a little red faced was let in :D
Got a mate at college who's 31 and still gets asked for id:confused:
Probably only because you, me and Em don't look very old :D
activematt said:
We like asking for ID in kent, im sure they do it just because they can ive seen people who are blatently in there late 20's at least be ID'd

And yet, there are the 16 year old's who get into amadeus :p
activematt said:
Bit like the Isle of Sheppey...........but i wont go into that one;)

ouch :D not here by choice though, just spend too much money on other things (normally the car:devil: ) rather than getting my own place, ah well... as long as i have a car i can get off the damn thing (y)
give it a few months and that will be resolved thank god

or ill just drive down the yacht club n got out on me boat or windsurf off the island... or kite surf :idea:

never realised i had so many ways off the damn thing :woot:
J333EVO said:
oh had to bring that up did you, pesky kids!
:p Just loved it when you told her your age and she was like "well how am I meant to know that?" :rolleyes: