Technical Transmission Repair Screw-up

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Technical Transmission Repair Screw-up


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Feb 24, 2015
I recently purchased an 81 X1/9 that was stuck in second gear. I removed the transmission and started dismantling it. The 3/4 shift fork wouldn't come off the top of the selector rod - it appeared to have been struck with a hammer. Further work revealed that one of the little lozenge shaped lock pins was a bit mangled on one end.
Getting the selector rods positioned properly requires a few extra hands and lots of patience so my forensic analysis seems to indicate that an impatient mechan-hack used a hammer to drive the selector rod down, mangling the pin in the process. It seems logical that this could lead to an inadvertent attempt to engage 2 gears at the same time (that's what those pins are there to prevent).
New pins are about $2 from Midwest and probably others. Lots of labour but that's what a hobby is all about I guess.
Many years ago an old-school mechanic taught me that if you are as gentle with mechanical things as you would be with a baby bird you will avoid issues like this.

There, I feel better.