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Top Garage in North Wales


taffy git
Apr 30, 2002
If your close to wrexham or from the north west and your looking for a itailian car specialist, look no further than Paxton Garage nr Wrexham. Hes cheap, cheerful and quick. When you go to the garage it looks a bit of a dump but he knows what hes on about.
The website add is
Have to agree with Gaz. Used AllItalia a lot over the past year and not once been ripped off or given duff info. Bloody good garage.
Yes have to agree nice bloke good garage they even come and collect my weekend.I have trusted them to change cambelt,oil cooler and oil cooler pipes and have been very pleased with the service. Well recommended.
Man that opening page made me eyes go all funny!!!![xx(]

Red limited edition Sei sporting abarth,lowered35mm,janspeed exhaust,strutbrace,tints,graphics(being replaced),induction kit with blue cold air feed,rally mudflaps,red full body neons,lge spec ice,Blue cruise lights,full Abarth bodykit,14" momo racer alloys,custom no.plate,de badged at rear,abarth badges, clear front/side indicators,twin headlights,pedal extentions,wheel spacers, front splitters,Mod component
!!!!!JUST HAD MY F50 BONNET DELIVERED YEY!!!!!! (gotta get it sprayed now boooo!)