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Dec 16, 2005
i think a great help to newbies intending servicing and general work on their cars would be a list of tools needed for certain jobs ie spring compressors and ball joint separators. Granted reading through a haynes manual it will list tools needed at the start of the chapter but if like me you dive into the job first and then use the book for reference you often meet a stumbling block. Ive just recently bought a 899 sx cinq and with a high mileage and doubt if the car has been serviced as regular as it should so ive been doing all the major service work listed in the book. The cars great and easy to work on and i am looking forward to getting it back on the road but a little nod in the right direction at the start and id have kitted out my toolbox more thoroughly. So all those guys with some experience under your belt why wait until a post write quick description of the task and tools needed.

Also i know there are a great many links and good posts but a wee list of parts and where to buy them online which can be added to all the time i know people can search themselves but if its there and added to constantly it makes life easier for all.
ive got 50 meg of webspace doing nothing if anyone has anything to add ill stick it on a page and post the link on the forum. Doesnt have to be fancy just a few rows with headings and tools required.

if anyone is interested email it to this address and write down what the job is and tools used.(y)

[email protected]