Technical Tipo Multijet 1.6 oil change

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Technical Tipo Multijet 1.6 oil change


Jul 9, 2016

I got my Tipo with 94.000km and I have reached 100.000. I checked the oil and it's time to change it.
User's manual says to use 0-30W C2. Would it be ok if I used 0-30W C1 instead?
From what I know, ACEA specification is about sulphuric ash and sulphur levels in oil and C1 contains less of them.

Also, quite weirdly, one of the dealership's mechanics told me they fill diesel engines up until oil reaches the middle of the oil dip stick and that when it reaches "full" indication, with use, then it's time for oil change, which didn't really make sense to me...
Dpf equipped cars ..

They pump excess diesel to help with DPF Regenerations

A lot of regens mean that the excess diesel dilutes the oil..making the level rise

It happens..but obviously not ideal
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First of all, thanks for the answer. I didn't know that.
What about the ACEA specification? Is it OK to go for C1 instead of C2?
Personally I attempt to stick to the specification

I dont have a DPF equipped car .. my 'fussy' oil cars are 2 cylinder turbo petrols

I used a company who ONLY sell oil to compare my options

Look for 'OPIE OILS'

See what they recommend

Do let us know what you find :)
Well, I changed the oil and filtre and it took 4,7litres to top-up, just as the manual says.
Selenia WR Forward Diesel 0W-30.