Technical Timing problem?

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Technical Timing problem?


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Jul 14, 2010
It is my first day on this forum and I would like to thank everybody on this forum for their valuable input!(y)

I am an owner of a Palio 2004 EL and got so much tips here when I had to replace my cam belt(which took me about three days but with great success).

Now I have another little thing about my car for which I would like to have an answer for, if anyone of you could give me advice for please!:rolleyes:

I noticed for a while now(even before the cam belt replacement) that the revs will quickly drop when I excellerate and when I release it will suddenly drop(as almost to die) and then come to normal revs. I also gave it a major service after the cam belt replacement wherewith I alse replaced the fuel filter.

Is it the timing(of which I have no idea of)? or is there another filter of which I am not aware of?

Thank you, in advance!;)

Mar 15, 2008
My Palio does the same once in a while, the sensors and the ECU are working together to obtain the correct amount of fuel, it takes some time, I think.
I wouldn't worry to much, but if you want to be sure, take the car to a Fiat dealership, and have the ECU read for possible stored faults.


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Jun 3, 2008
Hyderabad , India
My car had the same issue ,
as soon as you press the gas pedal it will act as if its gonna die and shut off and then pickup speed after like 7 - 8 seconds of acting up,

for irratic idling i got the RPM sensor replaced that worked like a mircle ,

strangly to resolve this issue ,i serviced the Injector rail (used carb cleaner spray ), serviced the throttle assembly (used petrol)and resealed with new gasket maker thingy to get rid of any air leaks ,new plugs , and finally i removed the air box and closed half of the air intake that goes to throtle assy . this creates a rush of air , sort of suction type thingy .

it worked ,car pickup is back to being best

peter you can throw in your inputs but it worked for me i will try and post in some pictures for you in case you need to see what i did , i dont have a camera for now . it will take a while for me to upload the pics

try it ,i think it should work

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