Technical Timing Belt Snapped -NON FIRE engine.

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Technical Timing Belt Snapped -NON FIRE engine.


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Jul 9, 2005
Hi - my timing belt snapped earlier on today in my Punto 90-elx cabriolet as I was going to get it replaced. (n)

I was going about 25mph at the time - what damage am I looking at?
The garage reckon it will be at least 400-500 quid.
Is it worth just getting a replacement head from a scrappy and getting it skimmed myself?

you more than likely bent all your valves happened to on my p reg sorting 1.6 8 valve i just started it up and snapped and bent all 8 valves i was looking for a head from scrappy they wanted £150 fiat wanted about £120 for the valves. i got new valves skimmed and shimmed for £150 a new water pump head kit and bolts and my friend did the work for me was about £350 allin with him charging me £120 for the work hope you get it sorted soon

Quick update - 2 bent valves - £411 - she's fixed for now.

MOT is due end of next month!!!! best prepare myself for that!
On your way to the garage ! Heard that just too many times now, unlucky mate at least you've got it sorted.

Let this be a lesson to those who post and wonder how much more they can squeeze out of their car before getting this job done, it just ain't worth it. Every 40K get the wallet out....