General thrusht bearing gone

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General thrusht bearing gone

May 21, 2006
hi after taking car to mi uncles he diagnosd the problem as my thrush bearing has gone but before i get it repaired would i be better putting new gear box on as well as it seemed to have knakered it up ( wont go in gear props and grinds in and out) and a new clutch fitted as well many thanks
if your thrust bearing is the problem then you need a new clutch, always change the full kit not the bearing alone.

i dont understand why the diagnosis is thrust bearing when the you have difficulty and grinding selecting all gears, that problem sounds far more like the slave cylinder leaking, which is a common problem. check it out before you assume anything. if the slave cylinder is fine then it sounds like the clutch is not disengaging, which is nothing to do with the gearbox, however you could easily damage the gearbox if you drive it while it is grinding so do not use it.