Fiorino (Mk1/Mk2) Those flaming bolt on wheel trims.....!


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Jul 20, 2020
I've seen a few posts about how to remove the bolt on wheel trims (who does that?). My problem is I don't have the tools to remove them and I didn't get a Jack with the van when I bought it. The trims are shot to bits. I'd have to take it to a garage to get them to remove them for me which I sent want to do if I can help it.

I've bought some lovely but reasonably priced replacement generic trims with a steel ring to secure them. Got the same for my dads Citroen Berlingo a few months ago and just popped those bad boys on there.

Am I mad if I try and just snap the wheel trims off? Maybe hacksaw them if need be? The new trims will cover the whole wheel so you wont see where any remaining trim is under the bolts if I don't get them all off.

Any thoughts?

Nigel O

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Feb 5, 2011
Chatham Kent
Yep one of the holes in the trim will be bigger than the others so you can hold the wheel on with that one bolt whilst putting on the trim and threading the other three bolts.


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Feb 28, 2016
Hi All

yes the bolt on ones are great, they dont fall off at the first small touch and end up in some verge to never be seen again.

the 4th bolt(Yes nearest the valve) that doesnt hold them so tight is normally about half a circle hole so removal of the other 3 can allow for removal of what ever you have left of your bolt ons.

I did use to in the 90's mask up and spray the outer part of the wheel rim in silver over the centre area in black and not use any trims at all, it makes for a smarter just steel wheel for very little effort and never loose a wheel trim again.