General Themostat on 94 2.0l

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General Themostat on 94 2.0l

Jun 13, 2005
Blyth, Northumberland
I need to replace the thermostat on my '94 2.0SLX. I've tried to get a QH replacement, but theirs only go up to 1993, does anyone else make replacements other than FIAT themselves?

Cheers for any help,

Is the thermostat the same on the Tipo 2.0 as the Tempra 2.0? You tried all the local motor factors?
yeah its the same one fitted to all the 8v engines. The 16v one is a different casting. All my local factors only stock QH which is where I've come unstuck as the FIAT part is nigh-on 60 quid!
Can you take them apart and put new gubbins in, like the low temp Cento stats?
On a Cento you can use a 1990 Fiesta 1.0 stat which opens at 82'c. The seating isn't the same, the cento uses a rubber edged seat which sits in a recess, but if you use the standard design stat they have a quicker opening action.