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General The Ipswich 750

Dec 5, 2005
Sleepy Suffolk
Hi all,

I have been waiting for a nice day to wax the car and show off the new wheel trims purchased from Alex B. I know you like pics so have attached these for you all.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


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Looks nice although i dont understand why you dont post in Members Motors, you would get more replies and more exposure on the site
dave said:
did you drive past me the other day near the esso garage on ipswich road colchester, i was in my punto going into town was a panda like that going other way, i gave a look :)

Hi Dave

No it wasn't me - I use the car for work during the week (6 miles) and pottering about in at weekends (furthest I have been is my usual Saturday drive to Felixstowe with the kids which is about a 20 mile round trip from here - I am planning some bigger trips when I have serviced the car and I am happy my thermostatic switch is working).
Thanks all for your kind comments, I really enjoy the car and try to keep her looking as nice as possible - you don't see too many Pandas on the road these days and I like to turn heads! People still appreciate a cute car!